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Concepts in Molecular Genetics

This one semester course provides advanced textbook knowledge on the most important concepts of molecular genetics for PhD or Master students who intend to improve or refresh their background in this field. At each session a book chapter of an English textbook on molecular genetics will be presented by one of the participants as a power point presentation and will be subsequently discussed. In addition to providing a comprehensive background on the concepts of molecular genetics this course also aims on improving the participants English presentation skills.


  • Contact: Prof. Dr. Frank Hochholdinger and Dr. Caroline Marcon
  • Registration: Due to the limited number of slots everyone must register by email prior to the preliminary meeting (Dr. Caroline Marcon, [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]). All participants must come to the preliminary meeting.
  • Preliminary Meeting: May 3rd, 2018, 09:30 am, Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 144 (Landesbehördenhaus (3rd floor, room 00, next to the elevator)
  • Detailed course description
  • For more information contact Prof. Hochholdinger (INRES - Crop Functional Genomics)
  • The course is open to PhD students from other Universities and graduate programs (in case when free seats are available). Please come to the preliminary meeting.