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Information on the research field "Agricultural and Food Economics"


Course possibilities for individual study program

Theodor-Brinkmann-Graduate School (TBGS) /
University of Bonn (CBS)
Cooperation in agricultural economics across universities* Master program

Courses offered at Bonn University


Bonn Graduate Center (BGC)

Further information on the program


Advanced research oriented courses from the master program

Overview on master courses for PhD students

PhD level courses offered externally


*Cooperation in agricultural economics across universities

Instructors from the institute for food and resource economics of the University of Bonn offer special PhD courses in the  "Doctoral Certificate Program in Agricultural Economics". This is a cooperation with other Universities expanding significantly the list of agricultural economics courses for our PhD students. It allows to take theory, methods and soft skills from the main experts in the respective areas in Germany and Austria. As the Theodor-Brinkmann-Graduate School is cooperating with the "Doctoral Certificate Program in Agricultural Economics", PhD students may attend these courses. Please contact your supervisor in case you like to attend one of the courses offered. Our PhD students may apply for financial support in this case (see financial support).

For more information on the program visit the Doctoral Certificate Program in Agricultural Economics



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