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Study Program

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Please see also the Bonn Graduate Center's Portal for Doctoral and Postdoctoral Researchers:

Doctoral and Postdoctoral Training of the Bonn Graduate Center (BGC):


Study Program of the Theodor-Brinkmann-Graduate School

The study program consists in general of eight courses (24 credit points) and a minimum of three colloquia/oral presentations (6 credit points). The study program (30 credit points in total) is structured in

  • a minimum of four research oriented courses (a minimum of 12 credit points) will bring the students close to the state of art in their research field (early on research)
  • up to four general and interdisciplinary courses (up to 12 credit points) will broaden the scientific experiences (continuous learning, life long learning)
  • a minimum of three lectures and colloquia during national and international conferences should promote the communication skills of the PhD students (6 credit points).

Study Program


The committee (supervisor team) and the PhD student develop the study program for each PhD student individually based on the individual needs of the PhD student and within their research field. PhD students can take courses offered by the Theodor-Brinkmann-Graduate School or can take part in courses offered by partner institutions elsewhere. The Supervisor is responsible that the PhD student can complete the study program.

The minimum requirements for a course are:

  • 2 working hours per week for courses during the semester (e.g. lectures, seminars) or 1 week full time (block courses). If a course consist of 4 working hours per week or is a 2 week full time module these courses will count as two courses.
  • a successfull participation (pass) has to be testified by the course coordinator.

We expect from each student, that they will attend international conferences, workshops or courses of our partner institutions. A research visit abroad is strongly encouraged and supported.

The study program is organized in a way, that each student can fulfill the requirements within three semesters after admission. The research oriented courses should be in the first phase of the individual course program.

The courses are offered within the semester (e.g. seminar series, lectures, project work) or indenpendantly as stand alone courses outside the regular semester structure (e.g. block courses, summer schools).

Study Program Requirements

  • The program comprises 30 credit points
  • 6 credit points must come from oral presentations/ reports given at conferences/seminars/ and faculty colloquiums (minimum of 3 presentations required. Supervisors will decide if a presentation is applicable. Each presentation = 2 credit points)
  • A further 24 credit points must come from modules:

           - A minimum of 12 credit points must be obtained from "research oriented" modules.

           - Up to 12 credit points can be from "general & interdisciplinary" modules

  • A one-week block module is 3 credit points (and 2 week block module 6 credit points)
  • A 2 weekly hour lecture series or seminar is 3 credit points, a 4 weekly hour lecture series would be 6 credit points

Course Overview

The study progam will be adapted to the needs of the students and requirements for their research.

For each course offered by the graduate school detailed information will be available. Select the course you are interested in from the menu on the left.

Bonn Graduate Center's Portal for Doctoral and Postdoctoral Researchers

Bonn Graduate Center (BGC)

Cooperation in Agricultural Economics

Beside the courses offered food and resource economics within the Theodor-Brinkmann-Graduate School a new cooperation with other Universities expand the list of agricultural economics courses for our PhD students. The graduate school is cooperating with the German "Doctoral Certification Program in Agricultural Economics". PhD students can attend these courses. Please contact your supervisor, if you would like to attend one of the courses offered. The Graduate School is offering some finacial support for our PhD students.

For more information on the program visit the Doctoral Certification Program in Agricultural Economics